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Welcome to my .com quilting world


Just a short post to introduce you to my new site.  It’s kind of exciting to have my own .com domain, but I’ll admit that a website dedicated to my quilting is a new and slightly intimidating project for me.

I’ve been trying to keep so many different sites and posts straight since selling my quilts that I decided to take the plunge and set this up, so we’ll see how it goes and what it turns into based on how it eventually functions and any feedback I get. Mainly, I want a place to advertise my available quilts and to expand into offering custom quilting services for those who prefer to piece quilt tops together and have someone else take care of the quilting process.  The web site allows me to do both, and also to write a note once in a while about a project I’m working on so that I can share it with you along the way.





2 thoughts on “Welcome to my .com quilting world”

  1. Way to go! Happy to hear you’re taking the plunge into custom quilting! You’ll have customers in Mayerthorpe & area for sure.


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