Customer Quilts

Once in a while I will be adding pictures of projects that have been sent to me for quilting and if you’re interested in checking out these extra samples, you can find them on the Customer Quilts Gallery page.

I’m having a “no quilting” day today because from the time I got up it’s been one of those days, and by afternoon it was three of those rolled into one!  So I’m avoiding any heavy machinery (including my quilting machine) in favour of my easy chair and a heating pad, a bag of cheese crunches and a Cadbury cream egg…because some days are like that, even in Australia.  If you don’t get that reference, treat yourself to this little story:

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I first heard it when I was very young after my mom clipped it out of a magazine, eventually memorized it for a vocal competition when I was about eight years old, and some of the lines will be forever stuck in my head.  It’s kind of a comfort story, for days when it seems you should just be able to start over from scratch!

Tomorrow, back to quilting …


3 thoughts on “Customer Quilts

  1. We all have days like this from time to time. I think it’s to remind us to appreciate the days we might otherwise take for granted and consider normal, mundane or boring. Hang in there! 🙂


  2. What fun it was to read once again the Alexander story, I checked the copy in your dad’s top dresser drawer (he must have liked it too) just now and I did in fact remove the pages from Family circle of June, 1972, it is truly a classic! Let me remind you too of a favourite line from Gone With the Wind, “After all… tomorrow is another day”, love, your mom


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