Quilting Day by Day

Branching Out


I decided the other day that I was ready to try making branches and shoots off my feather stems. I’ve seen them in pictures and they look so pretty, but they look so hard.  However, since I’m trying to add new things all the time, I grabbed a practice sandwich, figured out my own way through that worked for me and voila!  I had branches!  So I went ahead and dove in on the border of this quilt.

I was using a variegated thread and the fabric is kind of busy so I wasn’t completely sure how it was all coming together until I turned it over and  saw all the cool twists and turns,  And it wasn’t really hard after all.  Sometimes just taking the leap from the practice square to the real quilt is the hard part and once you just put the needle down and go, super fun things happen!  What are you going to try next?




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