Quilting Day by Day

Strip Quilt Variation


I saw a picture of a strip quilt done with several different colors and patterns – which I would never normally put together – and it had an “urbanish contemporary” look to it, so I wanted to try a similar one.  I decided to use my go-to-easy-9-fat-quarter layout again, which I originally found here, Strip Tango Baby Quilt, and achieve the variations by using some wide strips and some narrower strips, piecing some strips etc.  This layout uses strips that are 4.5″ X 20.5″ so as long as whatever is pieced ends up being a strip that size, it all works!  I grabbed a bunch of fat quarters that were wildly mismatched and this is what happened…

Yay!  I love it!  As much as I’d also love to keep it, it’s available for purchase on my Quilts For Sale page.


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