Mission Accomplished!



First, I apologize for two posts in one day. When I took his one off my machine I was so excited to post it because I’ve been imagining doing a whole cloth quilt with blended motifs and fillers and hoping I could make it look as good as it did in my head, and I have found my new favourite style of quilting!  This is soooooo much fun!

It’s not a color I would normally choose, and in real life it is much lighter than what it appears to be here, but it’s what I had a big enough piece of to get started on this trial project, so it has served its purpose and now I will branch out.  I’m posting before the binding is even sewn to the back because the lighting was still good tonight for pictures (and because I feel like a little kid who reached a far away goal and I’m almost giddy!)


I can’t wait to try the graffiti style quilt I’ve been imagining, on white fabric with black outlines and variegated details 🙂


Aunty Acid


From what I’ve seen, Aunty Acid is Maxine’s younger and more polite sister/cousin.  While Maxine is better at putting into words the thoughts that rarely leave my head for the sake of propriety, Aunty Acid uses a bit more discretion!  Either way, they’re both cute, and this fabric caught my eye recently so I decided to quilt it up and have it available for sale in the event that someone needs a quilt/gift with some cartoons and funny phrases on it – you never know.

Yes, I know, it’s my go-to-9-fat-quarter-strip-quilt.  Can’t help it, it’s fast, it shows the bigger prints nicely, and it’s great for really colourful prints like this! (translated: don’t judge me, I’m a quilter not a piecer, remember? haha)

I am now working on a project that has been burning in my mind for some time and even though it is just in the beginning stage, I can tell it is where I want to be for future quilts.  I am loving the process and the results and it allows me to do away with piecing for the most part and focus on quilting.  Stay tuned for pictures and more on my latest happy place …


An experiment

I saw an idea, decided to try it, and probably won’t do it again, but at least now I know!  I wanted to try to make this little baby quilt look more vintage by over dying the fabrics before putting them together.  So I boiled up some water, added tea bags and soaked each piece to give it an aged look. (Every time I stirred the tea and fabric in my huge soup pot with my long spoon I felt like a witch with a cauldron over a fire!)

It turned out cute, but I’m not in love with the effect.  I ended up washing it and trying to remove some of the tea, and thankfully that worked.  For some projects this idea might be OK but, for my part, I think I’ll stick to just using the fabric as is and let the normal years of use do the aging 🙂

(This quilt has been sold.)


No cutting, no fussing



Sometimes you have a couple of fabrics that are meant to go together; one has a larger print that’s just too cute to cut up and the coordinate is perfect for backing, so you just decide to go with it and make a whole cloth quilt.  OK, that’s what I decided to do (piecers would, of course, search high and low for more matching fabrics so they could cut it all up into little pieces and put it back together into a wonderfully fancy design etc. etc. etc. but my quilting time is precious so if I don’t see something that matches right away, I don’t like to spend a bunch of time hunting.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it …)

My mom has had these two prints for a while and I’ve taken them home with me more than once, been unable to decide what to do with them, and taken them back to her stash. There are only three colors on a cream background and matching reds, greens and blues can be tricky when you’re picky, added to the fact that bringing out these colors in blocks would, IMHO, take away from the great look of this adorable vintage toddler print.  So I finally gave in to just using the bigger print for the front and the smaller one on the back and it turned out so darn cute!  I think it’s going to be lovely for a baby and it’s completely reversible as I left my usual tag off the back of this one.

(This quilt has been sold.)

And then sometimes you have a large piece of fabric that has all kinds of color in it lazy but on its own it is plenty big enough for a quilt so why cut it up lazy add other fabrics to it lazy and end up with leftovers?  Then you just have to go hunting again for other things to put with the scraps and we know that in this craft room, scraps better darn well have a purpose within a limited time or they’re out of here!

I did do a ribbon stitching pattern on this one, which meant going over the whole thing twice in a loop design, and one of the thread lines is a wild variegated thread so it looks all planned and stuff.  Besides, it’s for a guy who likes music.  A guy.   I think he’ll be more interested in the treble clefs and notes and the fact that it keeps him warm than in how many pieces it’s made from!  And the back looks like I made cool stripes so it could really be the front too, it all depends on how you look at it 🙂