An experiment

I saw an idea, decided to try it, and probably won’t do it again, but at least now I know!  I wanted to try to make this little baby quilt look more vintage by over dying the fabrics before putting them together.  So I boiled up some water, added tea bags and soaked each piece to give it an aged look. (Every time I stirred the tea and fabric in my huge soup pot with my long spoon I felt like a witch with a cauldron over a fire!)

It turned out cute, but I’m not in love with the effect.  I ended up washing it and trying to remove some of the tea, and thankfully that worked.  For some projects this idea might be OK but, for my part, I think I’ll stick to just using the fabric as is and let the normal years of use do the aging 🙂

(This quilt has been sold.)



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