Quilting Day by Day

Aunty Acid


From what I’ve seen, Aunty Acid is Maxine’s younger and more polite sister/cousin.  While Maxine is better at putting into words the thoughts that rarely leave my head for the sake of propriety, Aunty Acid uses a bit more discretion!  Either way, they’re both cute, and this fabric caught my eye recently so I decided to quilt it up and have it available for sale in the event that someone needs a quilt/gift with some cartoons and funny phrases on it – you never know.

Yes, I know, it’s my go-to-9-fat-quarter-strip-quilt.  Can’t help it, it’s fast, it shows the bigger prints nicely, and it’s great for really colourful prints like this! (translated: don’t judge me, I’m a quilter not a piecer, remember? haha)

I am now working on a project that has been burning in my mind for some time and even though it is just in the beginning stage, I can tell it is where I want to be for future quilts.  I am loving the process and the results and it allows me to do away with piecing for the most part and focus on quilting.  Stay tuned for pictures and more on my latest happy place …



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