Quilting Day by Day

Mission Accomplished!



First, I apologize for two posts in one day. When I took his one off my machine I was so excited to post it because I’ve been imagining doing a whole cloth quilt with blended motifs and fillers and hoping I could make it look as good as it did in my head, and I have found my new favourite style of quilting!  This is soooooo much fun!

It’s not a color I would normally choose, and in real life it is much lighter than what it appears to be here, but it’s what I had a big enough piece of to get started on this trial project, so it has served its purpose and now I will branch out.  I’m posting before the binding is even sewn to the back because the lighting was still good tonight for pictures (and because I feel like a little kid who reached a far away goal and I’m almost giddy!)


I can’t wait to try the graffiti style quilt I’ve been imagining, on white fabric with black outlines and variegated details 🙂


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