Quilting Day by Day

The Graffiti Quilt



Well, it’s done.  I hinted about it in my last post and now it’s all finished.  I think I used five M-size bobbins on this one!  I even started getting concerned about the cone on top as I realized how much thread this was using up, even though it was pretty huge.

My initial plan was to do all the stitching with the variegated thread and then go back in with black to outline and add accents.  But honestly, once I finished with the coloured design, I didn’t feel inclined to add the black after all.  It’s harder to tell in the photos, but close up there is a lot of color and I would have really had to make the black lines thick to make them stand apart, and I chose to leave it as it is, rather than risk starting something I might not like in the end.



I wish I could have made this without any borders, but I couldn’t find good quality white fabric wide enough, so I had to compromise on my original idea and add the black to the edges.  I guess if I wasn’t telling you all my inside thoughts, you wouldn’t know the difference …


I HAD to make this because it was on my mind so long and I wanted to give it a try.  But now it’s done and out of my system.  I have to say that I prefer doing the more classic and elegant tone on tone styles myself, like the one in my previous post, but this was definitely worth the effort and I learned more skills and techniques as I moved around on it, so nothing has been wasted, including the 15+ hours of quilting time 🙂

(This quilt has been sold.)


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