No turning back …


It really was supposed to be just a loosely quilted, edge to edge design on a baby quilt.  I sandwiched five quilts the other day, and I wasn’t planning anything technical on this one, as I usually use a larger open stitching pattern on baby quilts for a couple of reasons:

  1. the more open the stitching, the more likely the quilt is to drape and soften up
  2. it’s faster for finishing baby quilts, which keeps the price in a more marketable range


After working my way into the whole cloth and wild quilting world with all the wonderful doors that opened up, I now have trouble sticking to a simple, all over edge to edge pattern. Once I got started on this one, with every intention of keeping it simple, I found myself moving about organically and things just developed.

Normally I wouldn’t put this kind of detail into a patchwork quilt because it’s hard to see all the stitching work on top of all the fabric patterns, but with variegated thread most of the details do show up on top and a plain backing allows me to see the whole effect in one view, so it proved to be worth the effort.  The binding isn’t stitched to the back yet, but I wanted to get some pictures posted while I still had good light 🙂

(This quilt is sold)



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