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A traditional block & a new label


Well, I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve made a quilt using a traditional block style instead of my usual strips and blocks and simplified piecing.  Of course, this pinwheel design isn’t highly technical, so of the more traditional pieced designs it seems to be one of the easiest, but it’s a step out for me nonetheless.  And I like it.  I think it makes a bright and cheerful design whether big or small (I saw a variety of sizes while perusing the quilts made with this block) and has just enough of a traditional look without being overwhelming in its assembly.

By no stretch of the imagination does this mean I’m jumping into finicky piecing, but there is something about it that pleases me and I think I’m going to start adding some more solid colors to my quilts amongst all the lovely prints, just to see what happens.  I think it’s the white parts here that set off the rest and make it attractive to me.

While finishing up this quilt, I was also in the process of changing my labels.  I saw a more modern looking and simple idea that stuck with me, so I decided it was time.  The nice thing about making your own labels is that you can make a change whenever you want to and customize them for gifts or customers as well!  When you know who the quilt is for, it’s nice to add their name or a special message to the label.  I keep most of mine simple because the quilts are for sale and need to be generic.

I’ve been using the EQ Printables sheets that come in packages of 6 fabric sheets with backing paper all ready to go through your printer, but I’m about to try using my own fabric pressed onto freezer paper as that method seems to be successful for others and it would certainly be more economical.

Do you make your own labels?

(This quilt has been sold.)



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