Quilting Day by Day

Print your own quilt labels


As indicated in my previous post, I tried the freezer paper method to print my own quilt labels and I believe it worked!  So now I can use whatever coloured fabric I choose, and save money on buying recut paper backed sheets.

There are instructions all over the internet for doing this, so I’m not going to write up a fancy tutorial here, but it’s pretty easy.  Just pick your fabric (I used the lovely quilter’s muslin I generally use for backing), iron freezer paper shiny side down onto the back of the fabric, cut it to fit your printer, and go for it!  After they printed I peeled off the paper, left them to air dry for a couple of hours and then pressed them for a good heat set.  Then I put them through a regular wash and dry laundry cycle just to make sure, and this is how they came out.  I’m happy with them 🙂

Note: I have an ink jet printer so I have no idea how this would work on a laser, but do some checking and you’ll find lots of opinions and ideas!


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