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Hush Little Baby Quilt


…oops I did it again… (but unlike Britney Spears, I did it on purpose!)

I wild quilted a baby quilt and to make it even more challenging I added some scrappy flower appliques first (will be re-thinking this one …)

It started out as a test for these cute flower cut-outs my mom had. She has a whole whack of them; the stuff came on a bolt and someone – probably my aunt – thought mom needed a couple of yards in each of two color schemes. They already had the bonding agent on the back and it seemed like a good idea for layering parts and getting a nice bright colorful random flower look.  AND I wanted a wide open background to quilt.  Wildly.  So I cut out a few and sewed them on.

Not sure what was on the back, but it gummed up my sewing needle like crazy and my thread broke a few times (read as “abundant profanity ensued”) but once I started I had to keep going or waste the nice pink background so I persisted and finally got them sewn on in a somewhat acceptable manner.  Before I began quilting I laundered the whole top because I wanted to make darn sure that whatever the adhesive was washed out and everything got nice and soft for whichever cute little bundle of joy gets this quilt, instead of remaining stiff.  And it worked, so I was happy and went about quilting.

I wanted to quilt some words in the centre of the large partial flower at the bottom on this one (totally stole that idea from another quilter so I’m just being honest here) and it’s funny to see that my quilted writing actually resembles my handwriting.  I wonder if it’s like that for others too?


Anyway, I think the whole thing looks pretty cute.  Well actually, when I stitched those tiny flowers inside the bigger flower petals at the top right I thought they were “stinkin’ cute”!  Once again, I’m posting pictures before the super cute checkered binding is sewn to the back because I have difficulty waiting.



Are you a wild quilter?  Check out Christina Cameli’s class on Craftsy.com if you are interested because she makes it look so easy you’ll want to dig right in.  It’s soooo much fun, it should almost be illegal….

(This quilt has been sold.)



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