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I don’t have a new quilt to post yet because I’ve been working on a couple of custom quilting projects that I can’t even share right now; they were brought to me by ladies who are giving the completed quilts as gifts in the near future and with the way things go around the internet we don’t want to take chances and spoil any surprises!

But I’m still here, and I’m still quilting.  So I decided to write a post to let you know that, because apparently if you don’t post often enough on a blog people think you’ve dropped off the face of the earth or something.  And I thought I’d post a picture of my awesome new Fons & Porter cotton (much cooler for my hands) quilting gloves in case you’re dying to know what kinds of things I use behind the scenes.  Isn’t it great that they match my rotary cutter and the lines on my ruler?  Almost like I planned it.  Actually, I wanted the blue ones to fit, but the yellow ones are my size.  I’ll live with it.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reorganizing in my craft room because after a long time pondering it I came to a very definite decision this week:  I’m selling off my entire collection of stamping and paper crafting supplies.  And it’s a LARGE collection.

I know, it’s major, but my crafting path has taken a sharp turn down a road I hadn’t imagined – and we all know which one it is! – so I’ve been neglecting my stamps and the numerous accessories that go along with the craft.  I wondered at first if I was being hasty; this quilting obsession kind of took over my life out of nowhere and I questioned if it might just as dramatically leave me somewhere between fat quarters.  But the more I looked at my cupboard full of stamping supplies, and the less I cared to even pull something out and make just one card, I realized that right now, at this moment in my life, I no longer care to stamp.  It’s been a great ride, but it’s over.  For now.  And the people snapping up the great deals on my stuff are going to have so much fun!

If at some point in the future I find myself missing this activity and wanting to do some of it again I can always start fresh with new colors and styles that are current in the time that it happens, if it happens.

In the meantime, I’m eagerly awaiting a couple of orders of beautiful threads and yummy solid colored fabrics to get me going on some modern quilts I want to try with cool techniques I’ve been learning.

So that’s been my week and hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, I’ll have a pretty new quilt to post.  Right now I have to go load up my car with some quilts for a trunk show I’m going to.  Doesn’t that sound fancy?

Ok, it’s a small one, but it’s still going to be fun.

OK, IT’S AT MY MOM’S.  But her good friend – a quilter extraordinaire – is arriving any minute for a few days of girl time, fabric shopping, and probably a lot of learning (on my part).

Hey, a show is a show!  Until next time …



3 thoughts on “Keeping in Touch”

  1. That sounds so so fun! I bought 3 charm packs and gasp a Christmas one on Monday in Edson. I really like moms Baby Lock! I may have to evaluate my Christmas wish list! Lol


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