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Custom Quilting

I can now share a picture of the baby quilt I quilted a little while ago, as the shower has taken place and no surprises will be leaked.  This quilt was pieced by Dana Tartal for a special baby boy.

Holy Hexagons and Triangles, Batman! Wow, there are a lot of pieces in it.  Personally, I don’t know how she’s still sane.  But she brought it to me on her own two feet and she wasn’t even cross-eyed, so she clearly survived.  (She might even have enjoyed it, but of course, you are getting this story from my perspective!)

And in case you haven’t ventured over to the customer quilts page, here are a few more that were originally uploaded to that section but not shared here on the main page. I think I’m going to start posting pictures of each custom quilting project here first so you can all see the variety of styles, ideas, and piecing designs that other people have for their quilts. All pictures are shared with permission 🙂

Blue and yellow quilt pieced by my mom, Mayerthorpe, AB.

Jungle baby quilt, pieced by Pam Fritsche, Dawson Creek, BC.

Flower vases, pieced by Pam Fritsche, Dawson Creek, BC.

Bargello quilt, pieced by Carol Tulloch, Mayerthorpe, AB.

Red and white double Irish chain quilt, pieced by Judith Burns, High Prairie, AB.


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