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Whole cloth quilt … almost


Well, here I am again posting pictures of a new quilt before the binding is even finished.  It seems I’m most inspired to write about a quilt when it’s hot off the press!  After I spread it all out and take a look (even I don’t know what it really looks like until that point!) I’m usually pretty excited about it, especially when I’m trying new things and they work! haha

This idea has been on my mind since I started “wild quilting”, working my way up gradually with a couple of smaller projects.  Forgot to count the hours on this one, but I know it’s up in the teens somewhere …

I’ve drooled over the whole cloth quilts I’ve seen, especially the white ones, but somehow making one of those isn’t yet on my must do list.  I think they’re so pretty with the medallions in the centre and all the symmetrical stitching surrounding those from one corner to the other, but I’m afraid I could get bored by the limitation of too many similar things needing to be done.  However, I might just go “wild” and make a snazzy white one with my own style!

For now, there will be a few different colors coming, each with a pop of print somewhere just to keep you guessing.  And I will call them “almost whole cloth quilts”.

Ok, I do actually call them whole cloth because, let’s face it, other than a few squares, blocks or stripes, there’s a lot of blank space.  Like, most of it.

I also have some printed fabrics that need to be pieced into quilt tops  but I have to intersperse those projects with the wild quilting ones because all work and no play makes Ann a dull girl …

**UPDATE: Here it is all bound and pre-washed, ready for its new home.

(This quilt has been sold)



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