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Music Montage


For music lovers everywhere …

I have to admit that I was intrigued by a large block piecing pattern I saw online and decided to try it.  The fact that the blocks are large made the piecing bearable! haha

I also tried some geometric stitching patterns in the blocks (not a huge fan of geometrics myself, but it worked out OK) surrounded by a big wavy stitching pattern in an effort to mimic the swirly design in the burgundy fabric.  I like lines, but doing repeated triangles and other pointed things, while sometimes the most fitting choice in a block, doesn’t give me the same entertainment that flowing & swirling stitching patterns in wide open spaces do!

As the teacher in one of my online hyper-quilting classes said (I’m paraphrasing a bit here but her point is still clear) that’s the hard part for people who are “into” free motion quilting: the stitching we enjoy doing most is always better seen on solids than on busy prints 🙂

(This quilt has been sold.)


4 thoughts on “Music Montage”

    1. Thanks Melanie! That’s how I roll: easy piecing so I can get down to quilting 🙂 The angles on this one make it look cool once it goes together, and rearranging the blocks a bit gives a different look so it’s versatile.

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