Custom Quilting

I finished quilting another couple of quilts for a lady in Dawson Creek, BC; you saw the sandwiches in our “let’s guess which ones Ann pieced” game post!  As was correctly answered, these two were not mine.  But I did quilt them and they were shipped home to their owner last week so I can now share the pictures.

If you zoom in you can see that every one of those colorful partial circles actually has little pleats all the way around it.  Pam loves to piece quilts tops.  I’m not sure who came up with the plan where in addition to inserting circular pieces into squares and triangles they also thought “hey, let’s make this even more complicated by pleating them first!  Yeah, that’s a great idea…”  (probably someone who drinks a LOT of coffee…) but the overall effect is pretty cool up close.  No pictures of the back here because the fabric was busy and you can hardly see the thread 🙂

This is a little Valentine’s themed quilt Pam pieced together with dogs and cats and hearts and diamonds and too many tiny pieces to count …. (I’m thinking maybe a scrap stash buster? haha)

Stay tuned for a few more from this lady – I’m just waiting for a yummy thread order!



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