Custom Quilting – in bulk!

These quilts have now been delivered to their owner so I can share pictures of the completed projects with you!  They were all pieced by Pam Fritsche of Dawson Creek, B.C.

The first one has an overall large loopy paisley stitching pattern.


The second one has a combination of stitching patterns, with some thread painting in the dark forest border sections (ooooh that was fun!)


And the third has hand appliqued poppies which I had fun adding highlights and details to  before adding the wild quilting with leaves and feathers to cover the whole background and border section.


I’m now back to working on a few new ones for my Etsy shop.  But that means I HAVE TO DO THE PIECING!  Stay tuned …



2 thoughts on “Custom Quilting – in bulk!”

  1. Hi Ann:
    Thank you for featuring my quilts on your web site. All six of the quilts are beautifully and artfully stitched and I could not be happier with the designs!!! You have an extraordinary talent to see and then create the design you see in your imagination!!! Thanks again for putting the ‘diamond touch’ to my piecing. Enjoy your fabulous journey!! Pam Fritsche


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