For Email Subscribers


Hello to my email subscribers!

It has come to my attention that when you receive an email with a post from my blog it can, depending on your email program and computer system, look very different from the way it looks on the actual website.

I’m disappointed with this because I spend a lot of time making sure that pictures are lined up and displayed nicely for your viewing pleasure!  Apparently, even when I make a collage to keep it interesting, some of you still get plain old misaligned square photos in your email – BORING!

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I know of that I can change at my end to make a difference in how your email shows the information, but I do suggest that if you want to see the post as it actually looks online, please click on any one of the pictures in the email and that should take you straight to the full post 🙂  I assure you it is much better and more fun to read there!

I was piecing yesterday so there will definitely be some quilting today, which means there should be some new pictures before the weekend 🙂



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