Quilting Day by Day

There’s something about white


The Daisy quilt is finished.  And once again I face a dilemma: to keep or not to keep?

I love daisies!  I especially love bright and colourful Gerbera daisies; I have a vase of lovely bright daisies on my piano right now.  I also really love the look of a solid white quilt and the back of this one is nearly irresistible to me!


I do have to say that while white sashing is appealing, it does have its own set of potential problems:

  • if you get distracted while you’re pressing and forget to iron all the seams towards the darker colors (because you’re in the habit of pressing all seams open and you’re watching a favourite tv show on Netflix while you’re ironing) you might notice things peaking through later on that you didn’t intend
  • if there are any stray colored threads – even after you’ve trimmed them – you’ll be using that tiny little crochet hook to dig them out through the sashing one by one after you think your project is finally done!

But in big sections and all over backings, there is just something about white!  No other solid color looks as elegant and fresh when it’s all quilted 🙂


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