Coral Tranquility



It’s always hard to decide what name/title to put on a newly finished quilt.  I number my quilts so I have a record with pictures of them, but when I advertise them I need to come up with something other than just a number, and it’s especially difficult when they are mostly a solid color with just a few prints for accent.

But as I look at this one on my table, all washed and cuddly, and I run my hands over the texture (as Angela Walters does when she’s showing her quilts during an online class!) the word “tranquil” comes to mind, so that’s what I’m calling it.  Just don’t be expecting fantastically creative names every time I post a quilt because that is not my forte!



And because it’s been a while since I posted a new project, I will include here yet another bright strip baby quilt that I did in between quilts number 100 and number 102 (I LOVE the wild quilting but after I finish one my brain does benefit from a little break and a smaller project, just to relax).


Both quilts are for sale and information can be found on my Quilts For Sale page 🙂

My plan is to quilt the Downton Abbey print tops that I pieced recently, so that will likely be my next project, but we all know that the best-laid plans can suddenly change if a new idea pops up!


Number 100


100bYAY! My most recent project is now finished and if only bright green fit into my home decor ….

Yet again, upon laying the whole thing out in front of me I was faced with a decision about whether or not to keep a finished quilt, but alas, it isn’t my color so as much as I love it, I know there will be more to come.  I think it’s hard to part with the ones like this that I’ve spent so much time with day after day, putting my creative energy into overdrive.  By the time they’re finished I’m kind of attached 🙂  But I’m also realistic and while some would say “you can never have too many quilts”, there is a limit to how many I can actually store!


I thought I was pulling out all – well, maybe most of – the stops on this one as I happily stitched away with my favorite quilting thread, but even as I worked on the finishing touches, I had new ideas spinning around, so it’s a good thing I have another “almost whole cloth quilt” sandwiched and ready to go!

Seriously, this wild quilting on solid colored fabric is just about the most fun I can have without landing in jail.

This one is for sale in my Etsy Shop.



Sneak Peeks

I’m just finishing up quilt #100, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at it as well as a couple of other tops that are ready to quilt.


Greens are so hard to photograph!  They either come out too yellow or too blue, but I kept trying until I got this one which is pretty darn close to real life color.  It’s a close-up just to give an idea of what I’m doing, but the full shots should come tomorrow if I get the binding all finished tonight 🙂

If you haven’t read my previous post about the special giveaway in celebration of my one hundredth quilt, be sure to check it out before Sept. 19th 🙂

Next, I’ll be working on two quilts made with fabrics from the Downton Abbey collection by Andover fabrics.  These might sell quickly as Christmas gifts for fans of the show!  One has light colors from the “Downstairs” collection, and the other has darker colors from the “Lady Rose” and “Lord & Lady” collections.


Stay tuned!

Share the Love



This picture was made for my Facebook page, so please ignore the “see above for details”. I’m not trying to confuse you, I’m just saving time by using the same ad! LOL


Quilt #100 – numbering the ones I’ve made myself from start to finish – will soon be complete and to mark this event I have a special offer for my readers to participate in:

This is your chance to share some handmade love with a person who could use a “quilt hug” 🙂  If you know someone who is going through a very difficult time, you are invited to submit a short write-up telling me why you want them to have the gift of a handmade quilt with only info you feel comfortable sharing.

On Sept. 20th I will choose one recipient from the submissions I’ve received (quilt given will be based on what is most suited to the person/situation).

You may email me at

Or visit my Facebook page and send me a private message.

(please don’t leave info in the comments for this post)

All info will be kept private, and if your submission is chosen, I will contact you to arrange details of delivery.

Custom quilted wall hanging

Now that this wall hanging has been gifted to someone on the east coast, I can share the pictures with you.

It was pieced by Selma Halhead, Mayerthorpe, AB, and brought to me for quilting.

Isn’t her applique work lovely?