Coral Tranquility



It’s always hard to decide what name/title to put on a newly finished quilt.  I number my quilts so I have a record with pictures of them, but when I advertise them I need to come up with something other than just a number, and it’s especially difficult when they are mostly a solid color with just a few prints for accent.

But as I look at this one on my table, all washed and cuddly, and I run my hands over the texture (as Angela Walters does when she’s showing her quilts during an online class!) the word “tranquil” comes to mind, so that’s what I’m calling it.  Just don’t be expecting fantastically creative names every time I post a quilt because that is not my forte!



And because it’s been a while since I posted a new project, I will include here yet another bright strip baby quilt that I did in between quilts number 100 and number 102 (I LOVE the wild quilting but after I finish one my brain does benefit from a little break and a smaller project, just to relax).


Both quilts are for sale and information can be found on my Quilts For Sale page 🙂

My plan is to quilt the Downton Abbey print tops that I pieced recently, so that will likely be my next project, but we all know that the best-laid plans can suddenly change if a new idea pops up!


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