Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting for Mom



I just finished quilting a panel that my mom wants to give to a friend.

Even though it fits into the color scheme upon which I recently placed a ban, I conceded because I want to help her clear out her fabric and make good use of it.  I’m also not a fan of panels that are printed in blocks because they are rarely ever printed straight and square and it bugs me.

However, you know how it is with moms; they have that whole carried you for nine months, raised you, fed you, kept you safe, still worry about you and are always there just waiting to help you in any way they can thing going on…so what can I say?  If she wants it, I quilt it!

My happy moment came when I turned it over and saw the back, which for me is ten times better than the top because I just love the look of the quilting on that solid color.  OOH-LAH-LAH!

I’ll just pretend the quilt is actually cream colored with a printed back, and mom will be happy with the colored top!

I think I might have to make myself a solid cream quilt now 🙂


6 thoughts on “Custom Quilting for Mom”

  1. How can I not reply to this post!!! My dear friend and I were neighbours for many years, we shared good times and bad and I miss her very much. We now live hundreds of miles apart and I know that each time she wraps herself in this quilt she will feel a hug from me and know that I think of her so often. Ann, your work is so beautiful, I just can’t say enough to express how happy I am with the finished piece. Thank you my darling and very special daughter, love, mom


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