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Downton Abbey Quilts


I found myself buying a large set of Downton Abbey fat quarters from Andover Fabrics at a quilt show I attended in the spring.  Now go ahead and call that stashing if you must, but seriously, they were all packed up inside this too cute little quilted bag with a special Downton Abbey label on it and I could see that I would make good use of that bag long after the fabric was gone … 🙂

It even has pockets inside!


Plus, the whole set was on sale for a ridiculous price I couldn’t pass up, considering the bag and all.  I’ve used Andover fabrics before and they’re just so lovely to work with, and I’m a huge fan of the Downton Abbey program myself so I figured that there just had to be other fans out there who would want to have a quilt with this theme.  (Purchase justification over.)

I made one with the Downstairs collection in pastel colours and one with the Lord & Lady collection in darker, rich colours.  The block design is the same on both quilts because it’s fast and easy piecing and I wanted to get these finished and into my online shop as soon as possible so I could get going on a couple of bigger projects.

The pastel coloured one just sold yesterday, but the darker one is still available as of this posting.



And yes, I AM making use of that bag, just as I planned to!  It not only looks cute on my shelf, it now neatly holds together a couple of other small projects that are in line to be put together, but they’re extras for my daughter and there’s no rush.  I have to stock up my shop for Christmas first!


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