Two for One

I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks getting ready for a Christmas craft sale, and I realized I haven’t yet posted the pictures of the blue/green quilt I mentioned last time, and I know you’re probably still sitting there waiting anxiously …

OK, maybe not anxiously!  But I do try to follow up when I say I’m going to do something, so this time you’re getting a couple of quilts in one post, as the blue/green one might not look a lot different to you than the pink one did and I don’t want anyone getting bored 🙂  Actually, if you look closely and compare, they really are quite different!


I went a little swirl crazy on this one, but I can’t help it, I just LOVE those swirl chains so I carried them up and off to the right at the top.  That awkward-looking cone shape is my best attempt at getting a picture of the solid back that didn’t wash out in the light in my room.  Once again, my Magnifico thread did not disappoint!

And here is the newest one, hot off yesterday’s press, Dictionary Strips.  I tried out the woodgrain stitching pattern to keep it modern, give it a cool texture, and make it suitable for guys, since most of my stitching patterns involve swirls and feathers with lots of embellishment!


I’m really enjoying the modern look and looking forward to doing more along these lines.

As much as I get a little attached to each quilt I finish, both of these are for sale 🙂


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