Quilting Day by Day

Modern Baby Quilts

What a great way to use up strips of solid fabrics, have several areas to practice border designs, and still have open space to go a little wild! haha  I totally grabbed this idea from someone else whose quilt appeared on Pinterest and if you’ve used Pinterest at all you know that tracking down random picture owners is a rabbit hole, so I will just admit the idea wasn’t my own and leave it at that.

I had leftovers from my two recent larger striped quilts and this was an ideal way to use them up along with some white scraps I found in my basket.

The blue/green/lilac one has been washed already, and the pink/peach one just came off the machine and the binding isn’t finished yet.  It also has a special element that I hope will be visible in the pictures when you see them at your end: part way down I have free motion quilted “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” just for extra fun and because so many people love that line 🙂





I could quilt on white all day; it is so calming and peaceful and always looks amazing when it’s done!

On that note, I have a white whole cloth quilt sandwiched and ready to go.  It’s going to be great fun.  It will, however, break many whole cloth quilt “rules”, which shouldn’t surprise any of you.  Stay tuned …



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