White Quilt Elegance


OK, here we go: the white whole cloth quilt is finished.  It’s crisp, fresh, modern, elegant and lives up to my every expectation.

BUT working with white is not without its unique difficulties.  The idea of an all white quilt and the reality of it are different things!  If you think a white blouse or t-shirt is going to show even the tiniest of spots or flaws, you should try working with a big chunk of white everything from top to batting to backing to thread and see how far you can go without a mishap 🙂

Now I know that on a long arm machine this project probably wouldn’t involve so many risks, but when you’re working on a sit-down machine every movement of the project is an opportunity for danger!  Not to mention the fact that even the most carefully checked yardage can still present a flaw here and there when you are staring at bright white under LED bulbs while quilting it.  But I’m not going to tell you what I found because nobody will see it anyway.

This is not something I would want to do as a custom quilting order for anyone else, simply because the risk is too high – therefore my anxiety and stress would also be high – for any kind of mark to be made unexpectedly while their valuable project is living in my craft room.  I would have to hold white quilt insurance!  But the results are so stunning that I might just have to make another one down the road, at my own risk and expense of course 🙂


I had a moment of sheer frustration until I did my routine pre-wash once the quilt was finished and it came out looking just fine.  Whew!  Crisis averted.  It was touch and go for a while …

Then there’s the picture taking challenge.  I have a LOT of trouble photographing white.  I’m not a skilled photographer and unless we’re talking basic features, my use of Photoshop is also limited, but it did help me to get these light enough for you to actually see that the quilt is white!  I’m also no good at “staging” – although I did manage to throw in a rocking chair at the top – and my attempts could be filed under epic Pinterest fails …


I had a really hard time getting the whole quilt into one picture and still having details show (and I don’t have an assistant present right now so my options are limited!) so I had to settle for a picture of each side separately for now.  The top photo shows the left side and the bottom one shows the right side.  If you use your imagination you can get an idea of what the whole thing looks like!  (Really, do I have to do all the work here?)


As they say, you can’t be good at everything; perhaps when I become rich and famous I’ll hire a photographer to capture the perfect images for me.  For now, thanks for looking 🙂

This quilt is for sale in my Etsy Shop.


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