Oh Baby!

Happy New Year!  Now that we have the Christmas season behind us, I’ve been able to clean things up around the house and get back to my quilting.  YAY!  I was away from my machine for almost three weeks and I really felt it.  So when I finally did up four quilt sandwiches and got to sit down to start free motion quilting on the first one I was relieved to be back in my happy place!

The airplane baby quilt was obviously a snap to put together as a whole cloth colorful scene and I love that bright yellow binding to set it all off.  Just some pebble loopy stitching on this one, but it works well for babies who aren’t really analyzing the quilting too much.


The patchwork “urban modern” baby girl quilt below took a little more time to do because I was short just one block for the configuration I wanted and I had to trust that adding in a kind of coordinating piece that wasn’t actually part of the set would be acceptable.  Then I had to play around with arranging everything because that one extra block had to go in the centre so it wouldn’t be a random out of place print in the midst of an otherwise symmetrical layout.  I think it worked.  I also tried out a new-to-me stitching pattern that’s super easy, fills in quickly, and gives a bit more flare to the girly quilt than just lines or loops 🙂  I am going to use this one again for sure.


More to come soon as I have another two sandwiches all ready to go.

I am, however, struggling with the project of setting up a better place for photographing my quilts.  I really want to improve on this, especially for photos in my Etsy shop, and I think I’ve found the best location but I have to fix up a wall, hang a rod, and get the lighting just right.  It will end up being a kind of photo backdrop that converts into a design wall.  I will keep you posted 🙂


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