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English Paper Piecing

OK, so I’m pretty sure there won’t be a single one of my regular readers who ISN’T surprised by the title of this post!  The act of piecing anything hasn’t exactly been a highlight in any of my posts.

But that darn Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company had a video this morning and she should know that I can’t resist watching her videos because I just love to listen to her and laugh along with her!  I enjoy her personality and sense of humor so much that even if I’m not really fond of a particular quilt design being featured, I watch the video anyway because she lifts my spirits and makes everything look like fun.  She must be an absolute blast in person and one day I might even go right down to Hamilton, MO just to meet her in person, and of course, give her a big hug because she definitely seems like someone who would give great hugs 🙂

When I hear “paper piecing” I think of one thing – intricately piecing quilt blocks with triangles and points and such – and it’s not something I’m currently interested in doing.

However, English paper piecing, as I’ve just learned (late in the game, I know, but remember, piecing things hasn’t been my first love!) is altogether different, and it interests me because I’m always looking for handwork I can do while watching television in the evenings.  My mother is going to laugh when she reads this post, because she has been making hexagons in various sizes for a while now and I’ve been shaking my head, wondering what the big deal is, but I think after seeing the lovely ideas for making various shapes into beautiful appliques that I can use on quilts, I might have to pay more attention.

I’m not going to tell you all about it because if you’re reading this, you’re capable of googling it, but I am going to share this video tutorial with you so that you can see for yourself how much fun Jenny is and how cool this technique is (especially with glue which makes it even faster and I’m all for that!)

(If you are receiving this post by email, you will need to tap or click on the still picture you see to get to the video)

You never know what might show up next here on my blog so don’t hold your breath, but be ready for anything! LOL


3 thoughts on “English Paper Piecing”

    1. That’s what I’m thinking! I like to have some handwork for the evenings when I’m watching TV too 🙂 it keeps me from snacking AND from shopping online for more craft supplies!! LOL I saw your dog bone runner – very cute!

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