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Butterfly Applique Baby Quilt



I just finished this bright and fun baby quilt with cool butterfly and flower appliques, so I wanted to share some pictures with you, as well as a new video showing parts of my process in getting this one made.

I’m not including all the steps for applying the fusible web, cutting out the shapes, and ironing them to the quilt top because I think there are lots of places where you can find that information 🙂

This is what it looked like after I fused the appliques onto the quilt top (kinda boring and flat for now):


And here is the finished quilt, all washed, dried, crinkly soft and ready to go, with the scrappy applique edges starting to show:



I have to make special mention of the binding because it’s become my new favorite thing:

I saw a picture some time ago of a bright colored quilt that was bound in a black and white striped fabric – even though there was no black in the quilt – and I loved it!  I thought it really made the quilt and gave it a modern funky look that set it apart from the ones with typical bindings that coordinate with the quilt tops.

I started searching for my own black and white striped fabric to have on hand for my next bright quilt and I tell you, it wasn’t easy to find.  There are loads of black and white striped fabrics out there, with stripes in all different widths, some running with the length of the grain and some running across it, and finding one that had small enough spacing, running in the necessary direction was a challenge.  Perhaps if I’d been able over time to visit several stores in person I might have stumbled onto some, but when I get an idea I generally want it ASAP and even online I had trouble finding just the right one to suit me.  I had to import it from the U.S., decided to get enough for at least six quilts in case I couldn’t find it again, and the company only shipped UPS so I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what that little adventure amounted to in Canadian dollars!

However, it was worth it, and it’s even cuter in person 🙂

Check out the video below for more on how I worked through this quilt.  Now I’m off to get started on a custom quilting job I just received in the mail!



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