Hello Sunshine!

imgp2035I just finished this bright and cheerful quilt made with lovely batiks and offering a nice break from the blah of winter 🙂

I got the idea from a quilt that Kimberley Einmo was doing in an online class so I adapted it to my own preferences (i.e. a lot less piecing, different quilting style and I added appliquéd words to mine!).

I don’t normally go for batiks for a few reasons: they tend to feel stiffer than regular quilting cottons, the prints aren’t usually my style, and they have more of a “polished” feel, especially when I’m quilting them. I loved the aqua batik background of the original idea quilt though and when I got lucky and found a very similar fabric on sale I grabbed it.  I definitely wanted the yellow and while I wasn’t completely sold on the orange I agreed it was needed to compliment the other two and create more interest so I conceded and threw it in.  Looking at it now I know it would have fallen flat with just yellow 🙂

Kimberley’s had a small partial sunshine in every 9 inch block and I wanted more wide open space and a lot fewer pieced blocks so the colors would be more like accents on the blue rather than the main repeating focus.

Once I figured out where I wanted my sunshine sections, I knew it needed words, because words on a quilt just change everything for the better!

People experienced with using the Dresden plate piecing design will undoubtedly wonder why I have partial rays of sunshine along the edges rather than the full ones that would typically result from using either one quarter or one half of the dresden plate.  I could just let you imagine that I was taking creative license here and doing my own thing because that’s more interesting than explaining that I was adapting a ruler to suit my desired shape and had to fudge a bit on the spacing to get it just right!  That takes creativity, people (and a few other words that I might have uttered during the process but won’t share here …)

In addition, I noticed in a previous post a few days back that I mentioned sharing pictures of a couple of baby quilts I had done with star patterns in them and I never did post them, so I’m adding them here just in case anyone has been waiting for them …

I might do stars again, you never know 🙂

(Sunshine quilt: original design, Ann Walsh Quilting)


Swirling Leaves


I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this one!  It just came out of the dryer all soft and cuddly and I still have enough daylight to get pictures so I just had to share 🙂  I have to admit that I was a little concerned about stiffness with all these appliqués but it came out just fine and I am totally loving the look and overall effect of the raw edges with the intricate quilting.


This is absolutely one of my very favourites thus far.  I’ve never even been a fan of yellow tones but this soft color (Fig Tree Cream from Moda) is just so inviting.


(Yup, I do see that little thread that needs to be trimmed)

I’m having trouble listing this one – you’ve heard that before – because it is tugging really hard at my heartstrings, but (gulp) it is currently for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I am DEFINITELY going to do more of this!

That’s it from me for today 🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!

(Original design, Ann Walsh Quilting)

Thread Art


The custom quilting projects I worked on last weekend have been picked up, so I can now share some pictures with you.  This sunflower wall hanging gave me the opportunity to do a bit of thread painting for detail and some artistic variations in the stitching patterns to compliment the overall design.  I love the versatility of leaves and I enjoyed stitching them in various ways around the background of this scene.


The Canada themed quilt below has a simple edge to edge loop stitching pattern so the fabric gets to do all the fancy work here!  Both were pieced by Shelley Knott of Mayerthorpe, AB.  Isn’t that map in the centre cool?  I know from experience how much fun (cough) it is to deal with pre-printed panels that aren’t straight on grain so I’m sure getting all those provincial pieces to fall in line was a challenge fit for – as my readers can attest to – someone other than myself! Haha


I’m just finishing the binding on the appliquéd leaf quilt I posted the sneak peek of earlier this week, so I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of the end result 🙂


Applique Sneak Peek


Since I’ve been doing a couple of custom quilting projects this past week and I can’t post those until the owner gets to see them first,  I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of one of the appliqué quilts I’m working on now.

There are a lot of leaves on this quilt top – most of which you can’t see in the picture – and I am having a blast quilting them and the surrounding areas.  I’m using a bubblegum coloured thread for this part, even though it shows up clearly on the cream fabric so don’t zoom in too closely or you will catch me fudging!  I will go back in later with the light yellow thread for the rest of the background quilting.

These leaves were made from charm squares and I added the fusible web to the back of each square before I cut out the shapes I wanted (the idea came from an Angela Walters video).  That was the easy part.  Then I had to decide how to arrange them and I went for a kind of spray that starts near the bottom in the area you can see and swirls up and around to the top of the quilt  before turning back down just a little.

I expect this one to be finished later this week and then I will get down to business on my sunshine quilt.  Those appliqués are all done – there are even words on it! – but no pictures for you today – I’ll keep you guessing on that one!


Moonlit Waterfall Quilt

I’ve had a busy week piecing together a few baby quilts – yes, you read that correctly, I have indeed been spending a lot of time piecing and there are even some stars!  I got a new steam iron recently and must confess that, for some reason, I’m just loving the process of pressing.  Go figure!

I’ll have some new quilts to post next week but, in the meantime, I wanted to share this recently finished custom quilting project.  It’s a large wall hanging – pieced by a lady in Dawson Creek, BC – with a lovely moon and flowing waterfall that I had a lot of fun quilting.


I really enjoyed working with the motion created by the water and the draping vines, and I wanted to keep even the borders showing movement (now that I look at it, I think if you use your imagination those spiral fan shapes could even pass for little water pools leading out to the ripples along the edges!)


I’ve also finished my photo display/design wall.  It used to be a red wall and is now – thanks to the wonder of wallpaper – a distressed wood looking wall in my daughter’s old bedroom.  I can now get full sized photos of my finished quilts without having to suspend myself from the ceiling while the quilt lies flat on the floor …

Don’t picture that, I’m kidding.

Before and during: