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Moonlit Waterfall Quilt

I’ve had a busy week piecing together a few baby quilts – yes, you read that correctly, I have indeed been spending a lot of time piecing and there are even some stars!  I got a new steam iron recently and must confess that, for some reason, I’m just loving the process of pressing.  Go figure!

I’ll have some new quilts to post next week but, in the meantime, I wanted to share this recently finished custom quilting project.  It’s a large wall hanging – pieced by a lady in Dawson Creek, BC – with a lovely moon and flowing waterfall that I had a lot of fun quilting.


I really enjoyed working with the motion created by the water and the draping vines, and I wanted to keep even the borders showing movement (now that I look at it, I think if you use your imagination those spiral fan shapes could even pass for little water pools leading out to the ripples along the edges!)


I’ve also finished my photo display/design wall.  It used to be a red wall and is now – thanks to the wonder of wallpaper – a distressed wood looking wall in my daughter’s old bedroom.  I can now get full sized photos of my finished quilts without having to suspend myself from the ceiling while the quilt lies flat on the floor …

Don’t picture that, I’m kidding.

Before and during:







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