Quilting Day by Day

Applique Sneak Peek


Since I’ve been doing a couple of custom quilting projects this past week and I can’t post those until the owner gets to see them first,  I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of one of the appliqué quilts I’m working on now.

There are a lot of leaves on this quilt top – most of which you can’t see in the picture – and I am having a blast quilting them and the surrounding areas.  I’m using a bubblegum coloured thread for this part, even though it shows up clearly on the cream fabric so don’t zoom in too closely or you will catch me fudging!  I will go back in later with the light yellow thread for the rest of the background quilting.

These leaves were made from charm squares and I added the fusible web to the back of each square before I cut out the shapes I wanted (the idea came from an Angela Walters video).  That was the easy part.  Then I had to decide how to arrange them and I went for a kind of spray that starts near the bottom in the area you can see and swirls up and around to the top of the quilt  before turning back down just a little.

I expect this one to be finished later this week and then I will get down to business on my sunshine quilt.  Those appliqués are all done – there are even words on it! – but no pictures for you today – I’ll keep you guessing on that one!



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