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Playing with Owls

Owls are popular right now, especially for baby stuff, so I played with an idea I saw on Pinterest for a cushion cover with owls peeking in from the edges, and expanded it to baby quilt size.  It seems that no matter how you make the owl bodies – with details or just simple shapes – the real magic happens when the eyeballs go on!  That part is really fun because as you try out various positions for the black spots you can change the expressions and the whole look of the owl.


#135 Mar.:17#135 back

If I make another one similar to this, I’m going to make the big white circles different sizes for each eye and have some fun with that effect 🙂

Next time I’m using a basic outline shape like these owl bodies, I think I will hand appliqué them as they aren’t intricate and I really didn’t need to use fusible web in such large pieces.  I’d rather just fuse and raw edge appliqué the smaller pieces in the eye sections and then hand stitch the whole thing onto the quilt top.  It would save the cost of the fusible web, but also give large scrap pieces when I cut away the background fabric that would be useful for something else!

I also put together a cute patchwork baby quilt this week and I like the way the white squares make the whole thing look like an old fashioned quilt.  It certainly is a soft and fluffy one with the open stitching pattern and the white muslin backing.  It’s not big enough for my cuddling needs or I might just keep it!

I used Fantastico variegated thread on this one, but the base color is white and the color changes are faint so I don’t think you can see them in the photos.  It’s pretty though!

#136 Mar.:17#136b#136 back

That’s all for now, no videos of the above work, but stay tuned because there will be more!



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