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“Once upon a time there was a lovely sign …”  

Well, OK, it was last Saturday.  So I’m in this cool shop with my daughter and I’m seeing all kinds of wonderful things I don’t need but am still allowed to admire and I’m almost done when I go around a corner and see this sign right in front of me.  I’m standing there practically bawling (sniffling and hiding my tears but you get the idea) and I really want this sign.  But of course, being the practical person I am, between sniffles I’m trying to convince myself one minute that I don’t need it, and the next that I must have it.  As I’m debating with myself, my daughter, who agreed I should buy it, leans in and notices the “hold” label on it.  Of course I’m crushed.

I mention to the lady that I am interested in the sign but there is a hold on it (hoping that she might forget about whoever else wanted it but obviously didn’t show up with the cold hard cash in hand that I was ready to hand over) and she says yes, it’s on hold for Monday, but if I like it they can make me a custom one.  This doesn’t overly excite me because 1) I want it now, and 2) I live an hour away and I’d rather take it home than come all the way back another day.  But I’m a reasonable person (seething but smiling) and I thank her and leave, to spend the whole drive home whining about the sign I couldn’t have.

I decide that I must have one, so Monday I call the store and ask about getting one made for me and the lady says oh yeah, the other person never came so we took it off “hold”.  I want to scream about the inconvenience of not being able to just buy it Saturday, but I’m also really happy that I can have THAT one because you just never know how a special order of a handmade wooden painted thing is going to turn out.  I pick it up tomorrow.

But I told you that story to tell you this one:

I didn’t know those were words from a song.  Once I found that out, I started looking online and finding different things with either a lot of or just a few of the words from this song, and I thought ‘d like to try making something as the items seemed to be popular.

I’ve been working on a quilted pillow cover with appliquéd leaves this week, which I will show you before I go back to the song lyric project, just to keep you guessing what is coming next! haha

I haven’t been making smaller quilted items because they honestly didn’t interest me, but I recently found a couple of ideas that I liked and decided to change things up a bit.  So this first one is made with the cut out centres from bigger leaves I’m putting on a quilt (that will coordinate with the pillow cover if anyone cares, but they will be sold separately!)


It’s not completely quilted yet because I need to grab some dark grey thread to finish the background.

Back to the song lyrics …

I was envisioning a little appliquéd house with the words “Love grows best in houses just like this” in free motion cursive.  So this morning I set out to get it done.  Here is how my process often works, spontaneously growing as I stitch and play with my thread (and kill hours at my machine but who’s counting?)

It started with the necessary whimsical little house …


that had to have a tree beside it …


then came the words …


but the house needed a path, which also led to thread painted grass and flowers …


the sky needed puffy clouds and with all those flowers there had to be a butterfly somewhere …


So now I’m not sure if it’s going to end up being a pillow cover or a wall hanging!  What do you think?

P.S.  I would have had a finished quilt to show you by now, but when I went shopping for backing on Saturday, I forgot my tote with my newest quilt tops in it at the store in Stony Plain!  I’m picking that up tomorrow too …


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