Cascading Leaves Quilt


The big quilt is done and it looks so cool with the coordinating quilted pillow cover!  After one washing the leaf edges are getting nice and scrappy for that comfy shabby chic kind of look (I’m sure there’s a better term for it, but that works for me!)


I had to resort to a different brand of thread for the black background on this one as I didn’t have anything close to what I wanted in stock and I didn’t want to have to mail order a couple of spools, so I took a chance on another polyester thread with a much lower lustre than my Magnifico, and I am happy with the results because the green thread really shines, and the dark grey/black (I can’t quite tell which it is!) is more subtle.  It’s called Marathon and it’s still 40 weight so I get the same look with a flatter finish.


Unfortunately, taking a photo of black with bright colors on it is tricky so it’s hard to show you the contrast between the two threads, but in person the overall effect is making me want to go and get some more colors of this alternative 🙂  And here I thought I had my thread choices narrowed down … you just never know what’s around the corner!

Check out the video below if you’re interested in my stitching process on this one 🙂

(Quilt: original design, Ann Walsh Quilting)


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