Starburst Batiks


Piecing, piecing, piecing … ARGGGH!

That’s how I felt making this quilt!  I was determined to try it and I do love the bright colors, but wow it took a lot of hours to get it all pieced together.

I started the actual quilting one morning and only worked until around noon, but it then took another day to finish – and when I talk about a “day” of quilting, let’s be clear: I wake up early and I often start working in my sewing room before my first cup of coffee.  This one was finally finished around supper time after pushing through my neck, shoulder and eye pain the last hour or so because I was “so close” to being done and I wanted to have that binding ready to hand stitch for my evening of sitting with my feet up and a heating pad on my back!  Go ahead, call me crazy.

IMGP2120#138 Apr.:17

I love how it turned out and I think this might be my most detailed work thus far, working within constraints and keeping certain things symmetrical, which always takes more time and effort than my rogue style of flying by the seat of my pants in wide open spaces!

This was a free Craftsy pattern that Angela Walters assembled on her Midnight Quilt Show, and I changed out the corner partial stars because I originally wanted the border to be solid grey and then chose to add in a few scraps.  Honestly I wish I had stayed with the all grey idea, so if I make it again (yeah, right!) I will go that route.

As you know, I’m not typically a star or triangle girl myself, but I was attracted to the grey background with the bright stars (I should have been drinking wine like she was while sewing it all together!!!) and I also loved the way she quilted it so I adopted some of her ideas for mine. Truth be told, many of my ideas for quilting come from Angela – she is such an inspiration to me and her style really clicks in my brain.


The pictures honestly don’t do this quilt justice because the textures are best seen from a bit of a distance while someone is holding it up and you are sitting in a comfy chair taking it all in.  But I can’t quite capture that for you here!

The lighting wouldn’t cooperate for my full size shot, and I had trouble photo-shopping it to get the colors exact (above pictures show accurate colors), so I’m not happy enough with it to include it here!   It’s just way better in person …



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