Youtube Channel Change

Attention-Read-FirstFOR MY YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS:   I’m so sorry for this inconvenience, but in the effort to align all of my social media connections for Ann Walsh Quilting, I had to move my videos to the new channel, which means that anyone who subscribed to my Youtube channel in the past will need to re-subscribe now in order to continue receiving notices when I upload new videos.  The old channel will no longer have the quilting videos.

Please unsubscribe to the old channel and then visit the new channel address by clicking here: Ann Walsh Quilting on YouTube  and you can subscribe from there.

OTHER READERS: Following my quilting site here doesn’t mean you’re subscribed on YouTube, so if you haven’t specifically subscribed over there, you don’t need to do anything at all about this change!

All posts here on this site have been updated so the video links in each post will take you to the new place 🙂


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