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It started with a tree … (part 2)

#140 May:17

The “tree” quilt is finished.  At least it started with a tree!  I had a vision in my mind of a tree with falling leaves that landed in a pile in the opposite corner and it all came together from there.  It needed an owl on a branch, and of course, once I had that line of poetry in my head after writing my first post on this quilt, I couldn’t shake it and I just HAD to stitch it in somewhere!  The idea idea of adding words became so strong that I thought about various other things I could stitch in that might be more “generationally appropriate” – since I’ve learned that most people younger than myself have never heard of the tree poem – but nothing else worked for me and I kept going back to the poem.  So there it is!


The raw edge appliquéd leaves you have seen before on a couple of other quilts – Swirling Leaves and Cascading Leaves – the trunk is stitched with a woodgrain pattern (so easy and fun to do!) and the brown background is wild quilted with swirl chains and various leaves, a few pebbles here and there, and a lot of fun in and out improv not he fly stitching to cover all the nooks and crannies.

#140c#140 May:17

I love it when a plan comes together 🙂

(original design, Ann Walsh Quilting)


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