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Wooly Sheep Quilt


I quilted this sheep panel today and I used the large pebble with swirled centre design to make the wool look all curly and thick.

I had tested a piece of fleece with this same stitching design because I thought I might use it instead of batting but, while the test came out fine, in the end I went with the wool batt I had originally intended to use for this quilt because it is for someone special and I wanted it to have the best possible effect.

Wool batts are so lovely; they give such a nice loft to the spots you want to have puffy and they pack down well in the densely quilted areas to really set off the puffy ones!  The one I used is also machine washable and dry-able and the quilt came out so soft and cuddly.

#141 June:17 - Kate

And of course, I always enjoy having a chance to use that black and white striped binding, which looks just right on this one 🙂


The back is also a panel, with more sheep, and I was wondering what it would look like once the quilting was done, because it has definite squares printed on it which would normally be focal points on the front of a quilt.  But when I turned it over I could see the overall design of the big sheep from the front so it’s just fine!


Sometimes it’s fun to have a small project that can be started, finished, washed and dried all the same day!


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