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Sweet Dreams Little One

I figured I’d better post a new quilt sooner rather than later lest you all think I had lost myself in a pile of handmade bags …


This is the second baby quilt I’ve made with his particular fabric line and it never disappoints.  The vintage floral look appeals to many people and the fabric has such a soft feel to it.  On this one I adapted an idea I saw online and stitched the words “Sweet dreams little one” right into the solid pink strip second from the top.  It looks much better in person – the writing is much clearer – and I love the special effect it gives the quilt.



I want to mention here the backing fabric that I like to use whenever I can, and that is Quilter’s Muslin from Hamels Fabrics in Chilliwack, BC.  It might be available from other sources as well, but this is where I get it from and I buy it in bulk!  Sometimes it’s even on sale.  It’s a neutral color, 60″ wide, and so very soft, especially once the quilt is laundered, but has enough body to be used as part of the piecing on the quilt top too if desired.  I have used other fabrics labelled as quilting muslin, but none have been as nice as this one, IMHO.


The quilts I back with this fabric are always so much softer to cuddle up with than those that have regular quilting cotton for backing.  It isn’t always suitable for certain quilt tops, depending on color, but it is my favorite overall.  And the quilting shows up so beautifully on it that it’s like getting an elegant whole cloth quilt as a bonus!  I’ve actually been planning to do a whole cloth just for me, using this fabric for the top and backing, sandwiched with a lovely wool batt I’ve already purchased in preparation, so if and when that happens, you’ll see it!

I’ve also started photographing each quilt in a crumpled bunched up pose because it makes them look so much more cuddly and I think it really adds dimension when people are viewing various pictures to get a good idea of what it looks like 🙂  So far, the response has been positive!


Doesn’t it look almost 3D instead of just flat?  Yup, that’s what I thought 🙂




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