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Double Swirl Leaf Quilt


I can’t seem to get enough of these appliquéd leaves!  This time, instead of quilting the leaves and the areas closest to them with a contrasting thread and then switching to a matching thread for the rest of the background, I decided to live dangerously and just keep the lovely turquoise thread going for the whole quilt.  I am really pleased with the look of it!  In person, the color pops even more.  This time I used a stitching pattern different from my usual intricate swirling designs around the leaves and of course it went more quickly, but I also like the effect, so I’ll be keeping this one in mind for future projects.



Don’t ask me why this looks almost like a number 3; there is no significant reason. I wanted to start on the right edge and have a one swirl going down and then up and the other swirl going up and then down!  I usually just start laying the leaves on the background in sections while my background fabric is spread out on my ironing board, and I fuse them on in groups, but I don’t really see the whole picture until it’s all done!  Yup, sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants and just surprise myself.  It’s fun.



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