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Butterflies for a friend


IMG_1847Once in a while we come across a fabric that just reminds us specifically of a person in our lives and the only thing to do with it is to make them a quilt! haha

This lovely blue butterfly fabric was the perfect choice for a friend of mine who loves butterflies and – although I wasn’t aware of it – also loves blue 🙂  They look like they were hand painted.


I treated the main fabric like a panel, so it’s kind of an easy whole cloth project with a crisp white border (easy piecing is my thing, of course!) and really, why would you want to cut up this great artistic looking large print?  Well, OK, I can see that some quilters might have a good reason to do so and would likely do it in a very effective way, but for me it was just right in its natural state.  I quilted the butterfly section with a simple plume and flower stitching pattern and then dug out my ruler for the border.


There are actually nice even lines around the whole border, but the lighting in the photo of the whole quilt makes it look like the sides are different.  I love the ruler work, even though it was just straight lines on this one – there’s just something about those on the white that gets me!


2 thoughts on “Butterflies for a friend”

  1. This quilt is striking! I first opened your post on my phone and had to go get my laptop so I could see it bigger, because it is so pretty. And so easy, I bet, to put together, since it is one stretch of gorgeous fabric. You’ve inspired me to find a similar print and throw one together. Or at least add it to my “to-do” list! 🙂


    1. Thank you very much! Yes it’s a faster piecing project for sure when you can find something that is “complete” in itself 🙂 My passion is for the quilting part, so spending a lot of time piecing isn’t what I call a fun time! LOL Glad you felt inspired, thanks for commenting 🙂

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