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Retro Camper Quilt

#156c copy

I’m going to put it politely in as few words as possible:  I don’t like camping.  It’s an understatement, usually accompanied by various facial expressions, but the point is that regardless of my own camping aversion, I totally love this fabric line!  The cute little retro campers, the color scheme, and the sentiments (except the one about life being better in the camper…) grabbed me and I couldn’t resist.  I knew some camper somewhere would like this one!

#156 Sept.:17 copy

The centre is a panel; the half square triangle and strip borders are made from coordinating fabrics belonging to the same “On the Road Again” fabric line.

#156b copy

I custom quilted the panel by stitching around the various items featured in each block, filled in the areas between blocks with both whimsical and border designs.  The inner border has ruler work and the outer border has a serpentine line design all the way around.  I did a short video showing how I stitch that border around a corner and how quickly it fills in.  Check out the link below!


9 thoughts on “Retro Camper Quilt”

    1. Hotels, warm beds, electricity, and room service 🙂 OK, there doesn’t have to be room service, but there have to be walls and a roof and when I walk out the door I want to be in a hallway on my way to the ice machine or the elevator, not walking in a pile of dirt dodging the bugs while trying to find the washroom … LOL

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  1. I love this cute quilt!!! Also, I hate camping, too. 🙂 I love the idea of it. And I love all the “stuff” (camping stoves, sleeping bags, lil campers, s’mores), but I don’t love going without air conditioning or a hot shower, you know? Great video, too. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Do you make these to sell? I am wanting one for our Retro Vintage Camper in a full size. Something like this one. with more orange, yellow and green colors.


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