Quilting Day by Day

Oh What fun!

If it can be free motion quilted, I’ll make it.  Not because I need the thing or even have any idea what I will do with it or who I will give it to, but because it will just be fun to quilt! LOL

Well, OK, maybe that isn’t always the case, because I’m sure there are some things out there that I don’t really want to make even if they do involve FMQ, but when it comes to something as cute as these little quilted buckets, it definitely applies.


I got the idea from an online quilting teacher, Christina Cameli, whose classes I’ve very much enjoyed and whose blog I follow.  She offers the free pattern on Craftsy and she did a short video showing the assembly process on her blog.


She described it as a great way to use your practice mini quilt sandwiches and I would do that myself, except that when I’m practicing something, I’m usually grabbing a piece of fabric I’m not too crazy about, and when I’m finished practicing, it becomes an all over scrambled up thread and tension tester piece for future big quilt projects until it’s so full I can’t properly see anything on it anymore!

If you’re like me, find yourself a fun fat quarter and quilt the heck out of it like I did in my own video below.  Then cut it up according to her instructions and see if you get as addicted to making these little buckets as I have been!

But if you have nice neat little sample pieces like Christina does (she usually does her demos on bright solids so the quilting shows up REALLY well!) they would work splendidly for this project.

They are just so darn cute!  Now I need to figure out what to do with them …

Grab Christina’s pattern here: Little Quilted Buckets

Check out her video here: A Few Scraps


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