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Just Quilting + video


Since the last video I did was just meant as a quick teaser for my little quilted bucket post, it was sped up a lot and I was using a matching thread, so it was more about the movement than showing you the stitching!

Because I find it helpful, interesting, and yes, quite relaxing, to watch close-ups of free motion quilting in action, I decided to make another one using a contrasting thread on a bright coloured fabric so the stitching process is more clearly visible.

The piece I am quilting in the video was a lovely ombre fabric and eventually became another set of little quilted buckets, so I’ve included a photo of those at the bottom.  I used a 40wt polyester thread.  If you missed my last post with the links to this free pattern and the blog of the designer, please click here to view it.

This video is “just quilting” and is only sped up to double time (I had sixteen minutes of quilting to shorten up for you!) so that what I’m doing is more obvious.  I did a short narrative at the beginning and the rest is just for watching.  I hope you find it helpful 🙂




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