These photos are soooo 2017 …

OK, I just realized I hadn’t posted my little Canadiana pouch and bucket set before Christmas as intended, and in order to keep myself on track, I leave photos on my computer desktop until I have done what I planned to do with them and today I’m cleaning things up.

I used the little quilted bucket idea (check that out in previous posts from December), adapted it to make a bigger one with sturdy foam stabilizer in it and then decided to make a zippered pouch to go along with the buckets just for something a little different than the other sets I made.

I love how the foam stabilizer allows the bigger bucket to keep its shape and stand tall – the pouch has it too – and everything goes together for the Canadiana lover!

Yes, there’s a tiny pleat in that bottom corner and that’s definitely not how I usually roll.  Am I worried about it after the fact? No.  Would I have taken it out if I’d noticed it right away? Yes.  And on we go … LOL

As for matching that darn plaid on the bottom – this was yet another piece of fabric that was not printed on grain and believe me I fought with it for longer than I care to admit – straightened, cut on lines, pulled some more – but it would only submit to a point and then I had to just say to heck with it, it’s on the bottom and Christmas is coming!!!



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