My Pinterest Adventure, Quilting Day by Day

My Pinterest Adventure 2018 – week 1


HAHA – I admit it, I’m kind of a Star Wars fan (and that’s an understatement!)  This quote relates well to my reasons for starting myself out on a challenge this year to make use of the pins I’ve been saving on my quilting board.

It’s so easy to click “save” whenever something appeals to me, and I do go and browse through my pins regularly for ideas and entertainment of sorts, but I decided that I really want to get going on stitching them out instead of just keeping them there for reference or for “one day”.

I’ve called it “My Pinterest Adventure” and I post my daily stitching project on my personal blog; I didn’t want to do it here because that would mean overwhelming my followers and customers with posts if I added those in addition to the bigger quilting projects I write about in detail 🙂

However, I did think that because this personal challenge involves quilting, some of you might also be interested in the stitching designs, so I’m going to do a post here every few days that’ll be sort of a digest with a week or so of stitching designs.  Today’s has six:

DAY 1 – The Plan (and a wide spiral chain)

DAY 2 – Leafy String

DAY 3 – Borders & Corners

DAY 4 – Geometric composition

DAY 5 – Curly Feather fill

DAY 6 – Cornflower applique

Do you have some saved pins that you just haven’t tried out yet?  It’s really a lot of fun to pick a new on each day and just do it!  Happy Quilting 🙂


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