My Pinterest Adventure, Quilting Day by Day

Pinterest Adventure Day 8

I’m currently working on a sampler panel designed by Natalia Bonner for longarm quilting practice.  I work on a sit down machine, but the fills are still workable.

There are lots of different shapes on this, so I’ll be able to use it to try out various things I’ve saved and when it’s all done, I’m hoping it will be a fun quilt overall with may different looking blocks.  The challenge was deciding on a thread color that would work everywhere so I wasn’t changing thread for every block, and I settled on a light grey which will blend in certain areas and stand out in others, but that will have to be OK 🙂  In the end I think I’ll be happier with a consistent look than numerous thread changes!

Both of these show a combination of ruler work and free motion quilting.  I’m not completely happy with the continuous lines in the pink triangles, which didn’t quite end up as I intended, but I did learn what I’d prefer to do next time!



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